Cultural Tour:

Enjoy the unique architecture and mesmerizing look of the monasteries in the Himalayan regions and Temples of plains that reveal the rich cultural heritage with each site having a different story to tell.

Ladakhi Festivals:

Festivals in Ladakh are celebrated as occasions for merry-making. These festivals provide people with various opportunities to interact with each other, form new ties and renew the old ones. Many of the annual festivals of the Gompas in Ladakh take place in winter, which is a relatively idle time for majority of the people. It is time when the whole village gathers together. Stalls are erected and goods of daily need and enjoyment are sold. Eatables are brought along and families and relatives enjoy the meals together. The whole activity takes place around the Gompas. In the courtyards of the Gompas, colorful masked dances and dance-dramas are performed. Lamas, dressed in colorful robes and wearing startlingly frightful masks, perform mimes symbolizing various aspects of the religion such as the progress of the individual soul and its purification or the triumph of good over evil. Local people flock from near and far to these events and the spiritual benefits they get are no doubt heightened by their enjoyment of the party atmosphere. This is also an occasion to demonstrate the cultural heritage as well as the wealth of that particular monastery. Big and rare musical instruments, old weapons and religious objects including Thangkas are brought out during the performances. The first ceremony of any festival is very interesting as the male Lama is accompanied by the monks. Musicians, dancers and singers playing in  harmony create for visitors an unforgettable experience. Some of the popular themes include the victory of good over evil or some special stories related to great Lamas where their supernatural power is demonstrated or the stories related to Guru Padmasambhava. Their dances are also very colorful. A clown plays an important role so that the villagers do not get disinterested by an overdose of religion or history so that the atmosphere is joyful. Spituk, Stok, Thikse, Chemrey and Matho have their festivals in winter, between November and March. There are some festivals Festival (April or May), Phyang Festival, Thikse Festival (July or August).

Few other festivals celebrated in Ladakh:
  • Hemis Festival in Ladakh
  • Dosmoche Festival Ladakh
  • Losar Festival  Ladakh
  • Phyang Festival in Ladakh
  • Ladakh Harvest Festival
  • Ladakh Festival in Ladakh
  • Tak-Tok Festival in Ladakh
  • SindhuDarshan Festival in Leh
Trekking and Mountaineering:

Ladakh is a paradise for people who love adventure combined with physical activities. You will find the world’s highest mountain ranges the Great Himalaya and Karakorum,as well as the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. We offer a range of different treks, from easy to difficult, with many choices for any of your time and budget considerations.

Ladakhi Festival
Ladakhi Festival
Ladakhi Festival
Ladakhi Festival
Ladakhi Festival
Trek And Tours
Trek And Tours
Mitra Trek And Tours:

we help you in making your holiday perfect in Ladakh

We organize trekking, monastery visits, sightseeing etc…. Whether you want to spend time visiting monasteries, historical buildings, villages, or trekking through Ladakh’s spectacular landscape, we can arrange all the requirements for your travel suited to your particular needs.

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”

There are lots of trek routes in Ladakh but by being with us you can also try with some of the new routes. Depending on how fit you are and the time you have got, we can sit near the camp and have a look at all the beautiful mountains and hills nearby. You just need to point your finger towards one of them and we can endeavor to climb that mountain. This is one of the unique things that you can experience while being with us. Many people have commended us for doing just that. So you can also keep this option in your mind when you visit Ladakh.