Stresses, depressions, worries and tensions are a universal problem and every individual seeks remedy or the others to overcome these. MITRA offers a complimentary meditation technique to all interested visitors in learning and freeing oneself from suffering. This technique enables one to know one’s mental state and achieve harmony and happiness. Meditation is the the most effective tool in dealing with day to day problems. This meditation technique aims to eliminate all ill will and negative thoughts and breed pure love and friendliness towards all. By this attitude of loving kindness towards all, one can live happily and joyfully amidst the worldly suffering.

Meditation for……Stress relief
Meditation for-Mental clarity
Meditation for-spiritual awakening


“We believe reading should be for all to enjoy, so please feel free to borrow a book. However we ask that you adhere to our honesty system to return it back, so everyone can continue to enjoy”

Mitra Library is at the center of the campsite where you will find some of the best selected books on spirituality.

Selected collections of spiritual books. We don’t charge for the books, you can take the books on trekking with you and return it before you leave.