We are Christopher and Jane D’Ambrosia, siblings from the USA, who had a phenomenal Stok Kangri trekking experience with guide, Gurmet Tachos.  My brother and I had the most wonderful Stok Kangri trekking experience with Mitra, and especially our guide Gurmet. For Mitra in general, we were greatly impressed by their professionalism and warmth and attention to detail while booking the climb. We asked for a guide who enjoyed answering questions because we ask so many and they gave us Gurmet, the most amazing guide ever.

There are many more Mitra staff we would like to thank. Kiran took amazing care of us at Mankarmo base camp- feeding us endless plates of daal with a warm, genuine, and brilliant smile. Bhavo, another guide, was ray of sunshine on the rainiest of days. Kalyan, at base camp two, was encouraging and enthusiastic, and set a great tone for our summit day.

We can’t imagine our Stok adventure being nearly as fun, safe, and transformative as it was without the Mitra team, especially Gurmet. If you are considering doing Stok, you should definitely, definitely contact Mitra (travel agency on Upper Tukcha Road above Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company, another agency with whom we did an epic trek before taking on Stok)!