Mitra literally means friendship

Travel company that specializes in Stok Kangri expedition. Started in 2011 by Mr. Tashi Nurboo Jayo, a resident of Stok Village. It was established with an aim to let people scale the Stok Kangri and embrace the beauty of Stok village along the trek. “Ladakh Mitra”, has a lingo of friendship in the name ‘Mitra’, as in ‘companion’. We take care of our clients as friends. Mitra  members are basically a friend circle of outdoor lovers and sport enthusiasts ( which we would love to expand ) that work together to provide a friendly atmosphere to the clients. Mitra also shares a student body network and functions smoothly, as young minds always find their way in hurdles.

Mitra owns the three camping sites in Stok Village, which is operated with a strong human network. The company is able to organize the facilities very well and we believe in enriching the experience of the trekkers with the expedition. Mitra will serve you during your stay in Ladakh as your friend and will offer the best needed service. Apart from trekking, we would like to provide interested clients an “art of living” course to help experience inner peace. We genuinely care about you and would love to provide you with the best facilities available. We at Mitra invite you and your friends to join us and experience the unforgettable journey, which lies unexpected.

Introducing Ladakh Mitra, founded by Mr.Tashi Nurboo Jayo and his friends under the notion of giving the best of tourism to you. Apart from being a sport enthusiast and a nature lover, he was also a trekker who has a lot of experience in this field. He operates the company with his very own friends, a strong human network that makes them accomplish the goal to see that best service is provided in the tourism industry. ‘Team Mitra’ as everyone has coined it, takes care of you and your needs as friends that’s why it is very easy to work and have fun while you are at it.

The service we provide at Ladakh Mitra is credible and been praised by trekkers and nature lovers. Why this has been so? We know the troubles you spent on the marked calendars, the decisive planning, and the undivided attention for your loved ones and your work time of course! Enduring all those hardships you make some time for yourself to enjoy and experience something new and fresh. We shall do our bit and best in making that happen. We believe in friendly contract, because we understand what happens on the holidays. You might be scheduled late, your contact might not be what he presented to be or your hotel room doesn’t please you. The entire dilemma can now be taken care of. To fulfill your plans and keep you engaged shall be our motto.  After all what  a human being deserves in the end is his share of paradise, Happiness.

Why do you need a guide?

Our guides know the hurdles on the trek; they have gone through the trails most of their time. It gives them the experience that one cannot get at a one take. Since we are specialist in this field you can trust us. Our guide will push you by your will and strength to complete the trek. The path shall be rough and cold but once you reach the top of the summit, a certain adrenaline gushes through your veins. It’s the contentment that you feel and belief that you held to see it till the end. Our mountain tour guides have and will make it a memorable trek.